About Jack Bergmans

Jack Bergmans is a Certified Financial Planner ®/CFP®and founding partner of Bequest Insurance. With 21 years of experience Jack helps you set up and keep your financial and estate plans current. Jack provides important value-added services and strategies that include: Savings and guaranteed retirement income strategies, investment safety, financial risk mitigation, tax reduction, leaving more to heirs and leaving more to the causes you care about.

Whether you’re in your savings years or spending years, Bequest Insurance provides investment and income solutions that are specifically tailored to your personal circumstances.

Jack is also a best selling author of two books:  Ripple Effect, Canada’s first guide intended for Financial Advisors on integrating life insurance and other insurance products into philanthropic planning and  Multiplying Generosity, a comprehensive guide on understanding and managing gifts of insurance for Fund Raisers.

2 responses to “About

  1. Jack, do you have a list of Charities who might be willing to accept the Donation of an existing life policy and take over paying the future premiums if the numbers make sense?

    Have you heard of LifePoint Foundation Canada which was forced last August by FSCO to shut down its website http://www.lifepointfoundation.org for soliciting for the donation of unwanted life policies in Ontario?

    • Hi Daniel

      Sorry no. We don’t keep a list of charities for this purpose. In fact when it comes to charitable donations – it’s our client’s role to choose the charities that matter the most to them. Where appropriate, our role as financial advisors then is to use our additional expertise in philanthropy to offer solutions that will help to maximize the impact that can be achieved with all charitable donations such as cash, bequests, and donations of excess assets such as life policies, property etc.

      Best Regards


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